Strategic Sales Recruiting

Hiring, Onboarding, Training and Remuneration for SMB’s

With our meticulously crafted process designed to identify sales professionals with the perfect blend of motivation, skills, and intelligence. We ensure a seamless fit within your company, paving the way for not just success but thriving excellence.

Elevate Your Team’s Success

Whether you’re grappling with high turnover in your sales team, navigating the complexities of hiring your first sales professional, or facing the challenge of deciding on the ideal candidate, allow us to lend our expertise and guide you through the process.

Our Experience

Drawing from over 30 years of expertise in sales and leadership, we possess a profound understanding of the essential elements that define the best sales professionals.

How We Operate
Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with our meticulously crafted process, seamlessly blending our expertise with cutting-edge tools. We guarantee a harmonious synergy of traditional and modern techniques, ensuring you receive the very best in both worlds. Our discerning approach involves identifying the key characteristics of success – motivation, desire, skill, intelligence, and expertise.

Our Promise to you

We go beyond mere identification; we challenge and rigorously assess candidates, presenting only those who embody the qualities essential for success in your enterprise. Whether you seek sales representatives, managers, or executive sales leaders, we deliver individuals poised for success in every facet of your organization.

Paul Lafleur
Paul Lafleur

With experience in various roles – from representative to director and VP – spanning both SMEs and large enterprises, I possess firsthand understanding of the realities within SMBs and large corporations.

My objective is to establish a transparent trajectory, bridging high-level strategy to daily tactical activities. Each day serves as a reminder that a motivated team stands as the foremost asset in any organization, closely followed by culture, methodology, strategy, and process.

Explore additional services crucial for optimizing the success of your new hire

Leadership Coaching

Uncover the deeper reasons behind high turnover through our targeted leadership coaching. We work collaboratively to address and rectify the core issues, ensuring lasting stability and prosperity for your team.

Performance Coaching

Personalized coaching sessions to enhance individual performance, address challenges, and further align your team with organizational objectives

Strategic Onboarding

Maximize success from day one with our assistance in creating an unparalleled onboarding experience. We guide you in setting the stage for a journey of achievement, ensuring each team member starts strong.

Performance-Driven Remuneration

Craft a remuneration plan that fuels success-driven behaviour. Our expertise helps you design incentive structures that inspire and motivate, maximizing the chances of long-term success for your team.

I was blown away by the exceptional service we received. Paul’s team went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met. I highly recommend them!

Warren McCaffrey, President Trinet Global Logistics

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